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Angela Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Roberts (fka Angela Koch) is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of government-issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals. Angela oversees every aspect of operation, while setting culture and pace for the entire organization. With a proven background in business planning, strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and operations, Angela has an in-depth understanding of how to run a successful business and is credited with creating the analytic and KPI structure at U.S. Money Reserve. Believing strongly that the people make the business, Angela has positioned U.S. Money Reserve to be a trusted precious metal leader that always puts their customers and employees first. Learn more in her interview with Forbes here.
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Why the Unemployment Rate Still Matters

The ultra-high unemployment from April may seem like a distant memory, but unfortunately for many, it is all too much of a bitter present. Too many Americans across our country are still jobless and facing bleak employment prospects. The national unemployment rate is still far above where it was in February. In February, the nation’s…

GNV: What Could the Fed Do Next?

What Could the Fed Do Next?

After the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting, Chairman Jerome Powell stayed consistent with his previous statements. He continued to advocate for more stimulus from Congress. He reiterated the Fed’s pledge to keep interest rates in the current near-zero range. Yet, Powell not only emphasized the Fed’s motivation to do more, but he also deliberately left…

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The Case for Gold: Election 2020

One week from today, we should know which direction the country has chosen for the next four years. Until then, our clients have been clamoring for physical gold like never before. Whether they are looking into rolling over an IRA, transferring a 401(k), moving out of cryptocurrency, or just adding to an existing diversified position…

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Gold Is Gaining Prominence

The view of precious metals as a necessary asset to help diversify a heathy portfolio is popular among seasoned professionals in the financial sector. Looking at their reasoning can give us valuable insights on a modern portfolio. Financial institutions such as UBS and Citigroup have recommended gold recently. In September of this year, the regional…

Fiscal Deficit Blocks & Dollar Bills

The Deficit, the Dollar, and the Ugly Truth

Retirement has become more complicated in today’s world. Traditional retirement safe havens aren’t what they once were. Dollars and Treasurys, mainstays of any retiree’s portfolio, have been dealt a blow that can diminish their power over time. The U.S. budget deficit for fiscal 2020 was a massive $3.1 trillion. According to the Congressional Budget Office,…

Debt Pile of Money Leading to Government Building

Debts and Defaults

The stock market may dominate the headlines these days, but it is not the only important part of the economy to track. Debt has been rising on a number of fronts across the nation. The influence of this debt should be considered when assessing the overall financial landscape. The most prominent of these debts may…

The October Effect

The October Effect

Near the beginning of September, equity markets were riding high at new peaks, and March’s crash seemed like a distant memory. Then fortunes changed, and the stock market experienced a harsh series of corrections. Both The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch report that the NASDAQ’s three-day 10% drop, which began on September 3, 2020, was…

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Retiring in a Recession

Retirement. For many, it is the final prize after a life of hard work. People get a retirement date in mind a few years in advance. They draw up plans as to what hobbies they’ll finally indulge in with their newfound time and where they’ll live. They monitor their nest egg cautiously, watching with a…

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Inflation, Debt, and the American Family

A recent decision by the Federal Reserve may have long-reaching consequences on the power of American currency. For decades, one of the monetary policy goals of the Federal Reserve has been to try to contain inflation. After a period of high inflation beginning in the mid-1960s, the Federal Reserve famously made reducing inflation its primary…

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Oracle of Omaha Turns to Gold

Warren Buffett, the financial genius known as “the Oracle of Omaha” and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, used to feel reluctant toward gold. For decades, he has advocated holding stocks for better growth potential over holding other assets. He has yet to publicly make any statements in favor of gold. In light of these views, some…