The Day the Pension Died: A Retirement Crisis Heard Round the World

Are Retirement Pensions Dead?

There was a time when loyalty to an employer meant something. You sacrificed and served your government or company during your working years, and in return, they provided you with some form of retirement security—usually a pension. It was a promise you could count on. A guarantee you could bet your gold watch on! But…

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America’s Pension Crisis – What Can You Do? USMR Market Insights

The stock market has been driven further and further down recently, and with the insane amounts of debt some of America's biggest companies have acquired, you need to make sure you and your assets are prepared for worst-case scenario.

America's Pension Crisis – What Can You Do?- Video Transcription

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As most of you know, since October 3rd until now, the stock market has been on a tremendous downturn and there's certain warning signs that we're seeing. So today what we're going to do is gonna give you a glimpse of some of the news and headlines that you should pay attention to so you understand what's happening and how to protect your money going forward. CNBC news, Paul Tudor Jones sees more volatility, says the stocks could drop as much as 15% before rebounding. That was December 10th, 2018. New York Times, Matt Phillips, Wall Street faces stomach churning swings as the economy and uncertainty grows inside the United States. December 9th 2018, Yahoo finance is the bull market on the verge of death. December six 2018. Folks, this is just a small glimpse of information that's come out in a handful of days. And if you start looking at the newspapers and articles that are out there and start looking at the mainstream media first thing in the morning, you'll start getting the headlines that are important to us.

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If you just take the headlines that we've read today, it concludes that there is a ton of information that's out for us, but more importantly, they're all telling us the same thing. They're all pointing in one direction, that the economy of the United States is not in the position that they are telling us in most cases. And my point to telling you this is that we've always tried to get ahead of you in regards to the news so you can prepare accordingly. The newest report we now have out ‘the day the pension died‘. On page seven of that report, it will specifically talk about some of the companies and corporations that I mentioned earlier. I want you to listen to some of the names of the companies that are listed here and then we're going to start talking about the unfunded portions of pension health inside those companies.

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We're looking at general electric here, 31 billion. Boeing, we're looking at 20 billion. General motors, we're looking at 18 billion, Lockheed Martin, 14 billion, AT&T, we're looking at 13 billion. Exxon Mobil, Delta Airlines, UPS, IBM, Ford Motors, and the list goes on and on and on. Pension health and pension programs is a supplemental income for those who work for a company longterm that gives them income. So when they get ready to retire, they have the ability to continue to survive with supplemental income from social security and properly diversified money into equities. Today, the equities market is in trouble. When the equities market gets in trouble and we encompass it with the problems that we now have with pension plans inside the United States, our money is becoming at risk. Click on the link below and we'll give you access to an electronic copy of this report immediately. Call the number on your screen and we'll be glad to discuss in further details the information in the new report. Thank you for watching U.S. Money Reserve Market Insights.


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